June 4, 2007


Dear parent/friend,


            If you love sports, you understand what it means for a young girl to be passionate about soccer.  This December, the U13 Mavericks team will be traveling to West Africa to help launch the first ever organized soccer team for 12 and 13 year old girls in Ghana.  With their Ghanaian coach, Robert Sackey, the Mavericks will bring strategic teamwork and the commitment needed to reach the goal of their trip -- to empower girls to have the same opportunities as the boys in their country to play soccer and be recognized as developing athletes.  We’re seeking contributions to support our girls on this mission and to make resources available to their Ghanaian counterparts.


During the two week trip, the Mavericks will be staying in the coastal town of Takoradi, three hours north of the capital city of Accra.  While working with the Hasaacas Youth Academy to help establish the girls’ team, they’ll also distribute soccer equipment and supplies collected and purchased in the United States.  Today, Ghanaian youth, who typically have only one pair of shoes and are not permitted by their parents to use them for soccer, take turns sharing donated cleats during games.  And, a soccer ball costs roughly the equivalent of one week of an adult’s wages.  Ghanaian youth will covet these gifts!


Every day, the Mavericks will play soccer with local youth, and will experience as well other aspects of life in Ghana.  We’re excited about advancing opportunities for girls in Ghana to participate on a soccer team, to experience the joy and commitment of teamwork, and to begin envisioning themselves as athletes with potential and goals.  We believe it will be empowering too, for our daughters, who will share the love of the game with girls leading such different lives.  Experiencing the world with respect for other cultures can dramatically affect the ways in which our daughters navigate their lives in the future.


In soccer parlance, we’re asking you to “make an assist” to the Mavericks so that they can score this challenging goal.  We are fundraising in order to support girls soccer in Ghana, supply part of much needed equipment and ensure that all Mavericks teammates can make the trip.


Thanks, in advance, for considering this request.


If you would like to support our cause, please mail checks or donations to: ACCYSL Mavericks Ghana Connection, 1639 La Vereda Rd, Berkeley, CA 94709

ACCYSL is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization Tax ID 94-2929040